Creating portfolios

If you have less than 10 portfolios and are unlikely to be adding new portfolios often then you can create new portfolios via the UI.

Portfolios can be created, edited and deactivated from the Portfolios screen (Main Menu > Portfolios).


Within Rapptr there are two levels rules are checked at:

  1. Portfolio - base portfolios which hold assets 
  2. Entity - used for the aggregation of portfolios and other entities. Portfolios can only be aggregated into entities

Creating Portfolios 

  1. Open the new portfolio screen using the new button from the tool bar 
  2. Provide the required properties in the Details section
  3. Provide any additional portfolio properties required 
  4. Save the portfolio via the button at the bottom of the screen 
  5. Define the rules run against the portfolio 
  6. Define aggregations as required
Creating Entities
Entities are created using the same method as portfolios.

Assigning Rules
Rules are logically grouped into folders that can be assigned to portfolios in either the portfolio details screen or using the Assignments button.


Viewing Rule Assignment
When selecting a row from the portfolio grid folder assignment can be seen via "Folders:". A list of rules included in these folders can be viewed using the "Assigned rules" but at the top of the left panel.

A count is also provided to highlight the number of rules run against the portfolio.

Viewing Aggregation
When selecting a portfolio or entity from the grid its aggregations are shown in the Detail sidebar under Aggregations.


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