Rule Execution and Missing Data


This article explains how Rapptr processes the data it given. When a positions file is uploaded to Rapptr there are 3 stages of processing:

1. File validation: Is the file correctly formatted, are data formats correct etc.? If so Rapptr will begin running the rules.

2. Rule checking: Every rule is checked against all relevant portfolios and entities. During checking, if a rule requires data which is not in the file (e.g. for a rule checking voting rights, the TotalVotingRights figure is missing), Rapptr will mark the result of this rule "Unknown" and move on to the next rule.

3. Missing Data: At the end of every check run, Rapptr processes all Unknowns and creates a list of unique data issues, e.g. If TotalSharesOutstanding was missing for one issuer and 3 rules were flagged as "Unknown" because of this, you would have 1 single Missing Data issue.

The following three articles will describes all the various scenarios a user could potentially be facing after Rapptr has run its rules.

Simple - Missing Data Causing Unknowns

Complex - Missing Data Causing Multiple Unknowns

Missing Properties Where Root Cause Is Not Obvious



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