Missing properties where root cause is not obvious

Missing Data

In the missing data table, you may see properties that are not in the property documentation. Here's a quick guide on how to fix them:


Missing Property

Root Cause


VotesPerShare is missing 


Market is unknown / not a valid MIC code in the MarketToCountryCode list


ISIN, CountryOfIncorporation, MarketsListedIn or Market is missing


There are some properties in Rapptr which are calculated based on the input properties, we refer to these as calculated properties. If you don't provide the required property for calculation, Rapptr will throw an error.

For example, you may see an unknown for HomeMemberState_v2 due to another property not being provided.

Clicking into HomeMemberState_v2 shows us how the property is calculated. This will allow you to identify the underlying missing data properties. 


Therefore a position without ISIN, CountryOfIncorporation, MarketsListedIn or Market will not calculate HomeMemberState_v2. This will cause a large number of unknowns, as Rapptr is unable to determine which rules are applicable to the security.

Unknowns: Undefined Issue 

Unknowns are most commonly caused by missing data or missing portfolio properties. Unknows can also be caused by errors which will be flagged as an undefined issue. This often happens if there is missing data for rules that have pre-conditions.

Reason: 1 error occurred: The GetRuleValue function found Unknown results within the group 'XYZ' for the rule 'MajorCA-IR-Pre'.

To resolve such Unknowns, you may have to navigate to the previous NavDate for that issuer to identify and resolve missing data. i.e. On July 2nd, I am seeing Undefined Error for Canada Insider Report rule for Nokia. To resolve, you can navigate to July 1st (or the first day you started trading Nokia) and it will show you were missing property on that date. Once you resolve that missing data, the undefined issue will go away.



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