Prioritising Automation

Form automation is one of the most popular features of the FundApps Shareholding Disclosure service. Automation of forms not only saves you valuable time - but also reduces the risk of easy to make errors (typos, spelling errors, transcribing numbers incorrectly from one system to another, “fat fingers”, date errors, etc).

We currently automate over 150 forms as part of our Shareholding Disclosure service. For a full list of forms currently included in the service, please visit:

If there is a form you would like to see on this list that is currently not included, please contact the Client Services team who will log your request. Don’t be afraid to ask for a form you would like - we prioritise based on your input and feedback

When creating or updating forms, we factor the following things into consideration to figure out what to prioritise for our clients:

1) Client demands (the more clients that ask for the form the higher the priority)

2) Frequency a form is required (a daily form will take priority over a quarterly form)

3) Length of time required to manually fill in a form (forms that take longer to fill in manually will be prioritised)

4) Technical viability: Some forms are difficult/impossible to automate

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