How to update data in the Global Company Database

The Global Company Database (GCD) is a shared database of issuer data across all FundApps clients.

The underlying core data is taken and updated from Gleif each day and on top FundApps have added additional data points used for your disclosure workflow (issuer email addresses, denominator websites) or disclosure documents (e.g country Ids, contact persons & email for companies).

These additional data points that do not come from Gleif can be populated by yourselves (fun!) by requesting changes as shown below. Ultimately this is a shared dataset for everyone to use the same version of, so the more updates made by the community, the more complete the database becomes :)

Each request will go to our content team, who will verify the change before aiming to make the update the same day as the request was made.

Please note, Issuer Name and other General Information section are sourced directly from GLEIF. In order to update any of these data points, please reach out to GLEIF here




If an issuer does not exist in the GCD, you can also request for it to be added: 



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