Documents that use data from Global Company Database

Whether it be the address of the company, the contact persons name and role, the company ID or other issuer data stored in the Global Company Database (GCD), below lists all the documents generated by FundApps that will use data from the GCD to populate. 

120A.docx [IT]
120B.docx [IT]
18A.docx [PH]
18AS.docx [PH]
Annex-18.docx [RO] [LU]
Coverletter.docx [AU]
ESMA_StandardForm.docx [Multiple]
ESMA_StandardForm_GoldPlated.docx [Multiple]
Form_190.docx [CY]
Issuer_Coverletter.docx [ID]
IssuerLimits.docx [Multiple]
MajorBR_Coverletter.docx [BR]
MajorBR_Coverletter_ENG.docx [BR]
MajorCN_Coverletter.docx [CN]
MajorCZ.docx [CZ]
MajorCZ_100m.docx [CZ]
MajorCZ_500m.docx [CZ]
MajorHK_Coverletter.docx [HK]
MajorKE.docx [KE]
MajorLT.docx [LT]
MajorNZ_Coverletter.docx [NZ]
MajorSK.docx [SK]
MajorZA.docx [ZA]
s137.docx [MY]
s138.docx [MY]
s139.docx [MY]
s141.docx [MY]
s21ff_WpHG.docx [DE]
s21ff_WpHG_21.docx [DE]
StandardDisclosureForm.docx [BG,FI]
StandardForm_I.docx [ES]
StandardForm_I_GoldPlated.docx [ES]
Statutory_form 603.docx [AU]
Statutory_form 604.docx [AU]
Statutory_form 605.docx [AU]
TR-1.docx [GB]
TR-1_F.docx [GB]
TR-1_Non_IM.docx [GB]
SSREquityDE.xml [DE]

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